Individual Membership

For Individual (including Student), completing the sections marked as “compulsory” are necessary in order for the Association to consider the application.


Part I:

Membership Application (Individual / Student)*:

Name & Nationality of the Applicant#  
Name of Employer and Job Position (if applicable)  
Qualifications (Insurance / Reinsurance)  
Qualifications (Alternative Dispute Resolution)  
Other Qualifications  
Name of University, Discipline and Year of Graduation@  
Email & Phone#  
Personal LinkedIn Account  
Other information you want to provide for ARIAS Asia’s consideration  

*      Delete as appropriate

#       Compulsory

@     Compulsory for Student Membership Application

☐          I confirm my interest of joining ARIAS Asia as individual member.  I acknowledge that ARIAS Asia is a non-profit making association created for the purpose of promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution for resolving inconsistencies relating to insurance and reinsurance matters.  By returning this signed application form and ticking the box herewith, I express my permission of letting ARIAS Asia to use the information disclosed herewith for communication, statistics and other activities for furtherance of the association’s purpose.  I acknowledge that I have the absolute right to withdraw my permission by notifying ARIAS Asia.

Signature: __________________

Date: ______________________



Part II:

☐      I prefer ARIAS Asia to organize training regarding:

☐ arbitration and mediation

☐ insurance and reinsurance

☐ others (please specify): _________________________________________________________________________________

☐      I prefer ARIAS Asia to organize the following social activities for the members.

  • the activities we propose to have are: __________________________________________________________________

☐      I prefer ARIAS Asia to provide the following services:

Please specify: ____________________________________________________________________________