2021 has not been an easy year for ARIAS Asia with the continuous outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with the new variant of Omicron by the end of 2021 with extreme efficiency in transmitting throughout the world. With the setup of the new committee as from the middle of 2021, we have been able to set up our mission to promote insurance and reinsurance arbitration and mediation in Asia. We are determined to revamp our website with updated information on arbitration and mediation guidelines and rules, suited for use in Asia. We have plans to invite renowned arbitrators and mediators to join our arbitration and mediation panels so that our practitioners in insurance and reinsurance industry would be able to find suitable arbitrators and mediators to refer their insurance or reinsurance disputes to get a resolution. We have been able to co-organize a webinar with ICC HK over Mediation in Insurance Industry towards the end of 2021 to promote the name of ARIAS Asia among other things to promote mediation in insurance industry in Hong Kong. We would continue to organize similar events in 2022 and beyond in other places in Asia. We have also extended our contact with AIDA to find areas of collaboration, with a view to extend our possible services to our members as well as our users of ARIAS Asia services in this region. With your support and patronage, we hope to grow and prosper with resilience and perseverance despite the COVID-19 pandemic.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

Stephen CHU

Chair of ARIAS Asia